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Buy and Sell used SMT Assembly Equipment and Electronic PCB Machinery


Used Equipment Details: Item #: Image:
Speedline Vectra Wave Soldering Machines
2 Available

Speedline Vectra Leaded  External fluxer, 4' convection bottomside preheat, 2' convection topside preheat, dual wave (chip and standing wave). New 2000 Avail 8/1/18


Speedline Vectra No lead  External fluxer (not working), slight separation between top doors.  4' bottomside convection preheat, 2' topside convection preheat, dual wave nozzles. New 2001 Available 8/1/18

Speedline Vectra Wave Solder Machine Electrovert Vectra 450/F Wave Soldering System LEAD FREE! Vintage: 08/2005 2007 USI Optima I Spray Fluxer Left to Right Process Flow Heavy Duty transport fingers 18" Process Width 3 Bottom Convection Heaters One Top Side IR Heater Melonite coated Rotary Chip Wave Ultra Fill Solder Pot Nozzle Finger Cleaner Motorized solder pot Up/Down, In/Out, Computer controlled. 440VAC 3 phase power and clean Dry shop air required for proper operation. Machine is being sold as reconditioned Limited 30 day parts warranty subject to proper rigging, shipping, installation, start-up, operation and OEM recommended preventive maintenance requirements. Failed parts are replaced, machine is completely cleaned and PM'ed powered up and tested prior to shipment. Installation and Training available, at additional cost.
Technical Devices NuEra 18" CV

 18" Wave Solder Machine New 2014. Lead Free Process Ready Solder Pot;  “Dancer” and Laminar Wave Nozzles; P.I.D. Temperature Control; Low Dross Formation;1000 lb. Solder Capacity.
REHEATER MODULE 2 each 3 foot long Zones; Forced Air Convection; Topside Tunnel for Uniform Temperature.  FLUXER MODULE  Spray Fluxer  Constant Pressure and Flow;  Reciprocating Spray Head • Easy maintenance.
CONVEYOR MODULE  Full 18” Process Width; Adjustable Width from 2” to 18”; Variable Speed 0-1.8 Meters Per Minute; Standard “V” Shaped Titanium Fingers; Conveyor Width Controlled by Computer; Adjustable Conveyor Angle 4-7 degrees; Post Wave PCB Cooling System (Top & bottom).
CONVEYOR MODULE • Full 18” Process Width • Adjustable Width from 2” to 18” • Variable Speed 0-1.8 Meters Per Minute • Standard “V” Shaped Titanium Fingers • Special Finger Configurations Available as an Option • Conveyor Width Controlled by Computer • Adjustable Conveyor Angle 4-7 degrees • Post Wave PCB Cooling System (Top & bottom)
SYSTEM HOST COMPUTER CONTROL PC & PLC (Siemens) Control System; Monitor, Keyboard and Swivel Base Assembly located at the entrance end of the machine for operator convenience; Windows XP based Platform; Uninterrupted Power Supply.
UTILITIES: Dimensions: 183" L x 57" W x 58" H;  Power: 480VAC, 3-Phase, 60Hz, 65 Amp;  Compressed Air .5 MPa.

DDM/Novastar Model ESS-310 Selective Soldering Machine This 5 year old machine is priced at 30 cents on the dollar compared to new.  It is a Lead Free Selective Soldering Machine and includes a  pot for leaded solder and a pot for lead solder, both full of solder.. New 2011. The machine is in excellent shape and has manuals, laptop computer, 3 different nozzle sizes, original tools and various supplies for maintenance and operation are included. Call for specila price.

ERSA PowerFlo Wave Solder Machine

The seller says: The wave was turned on once in 2013 when installed by technicians and again earlier this year so ECD could use it to film a commercial for their WaveRider profiling tool.  Other than that it has not been used.  It cost me $165K new, plus the $31K worth of SN100C solder I put in it (1200lbs). Pallet machine with 10 pallets.
Ace KISS 104 Selective Solder Machine


 ACE 104 In-line Selective Soldering machine

Leaded pot, Top preheater included but not installed, 2007 vintage


Ace KISS 103 Selective Solder Machine


           Lead-Free Solder Pot

           Fine Pitch Camera for Precise Soldering

           Manufactured in 2004

           Fully Programmable Axis and Drop-Jet Interface.

Condition: Complete and Operational
Dover Soltec Delta Wave 6622CC No Lead Wave Solder Machine



No lead (SN100) wave solder machine. There is a dent in the frame that does not affect performance. It has 3 zone preheat, the first is convection and the last 2 are calrod.  I would list the condition as fair.  It is completely functional and can be seen under power, 2001

2007 Speedline
Vectra 450F Wave Solder Machine


Finger conveyor  with spray fluxer, 1 upper and 3 lower convection preheaters, rollout solder pot that can be sold with or without sn63 solder, dual wave and finger cleaner. This is an exceptionally clean machine and has been extremely well maintained. , 480 volt, 3 phase, 95.2 KVA

Electrovert Econopak  Gold


Wave Solder Machine New 8/01. 220 volt, 3 phase, 27 KVA, 60 Hz.

Technical Devices Wave Solder Machine

Nu Era MP-18, new 2005.18” finger conveyor wave solder machine with foam fluxer, dual wave, upper and lower preheaters and roll out solder pot. Was used with leaded solder.