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Buy and Sell used SMT Assembly Equipment and Electronic PCB Machinery


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Special Liquidation of an EMS in Orange County Calif.



1-Aegis, Fusion, MES Software (

CheckPoint Module (BoM parsing)

CircuitCam Module (Visual Aid creation)

7-DBA Manufacturing MRP Software (


SMT Production

1 -EKRA, El, Stencil Printer WI optical positioning system

1-Mydata, TPG, Pick & Place, Placement rate 6,500 CPH,

Feeder capacity: 112 x 8mm tapes/1 26 SOIC tubes/8 matrix trays

1 -Mydata, MY9, Pick & Place, Placement rate 21,000 CPH,

Feeder capacity: 112 x 8mm tapes/1 26 SOIC tubes/8 matrix trays

1 -Heller, 1700W, Convection Oven, 6 heating zones (top & bottom), 2 cooling

1 -Heller, 1700, Convection Oven, 6 heating zones (top & bottom)

1-Feedermates, Stencil Cart, holds 60 each, 20 x 20 stencils
1-Custom, Stencil Cart, holds 300 each, 20 x 20 stencils

1-Kenmore, 70722, Freezerless Refrigerator, 16.7 Cu. Ft. (solder paste storage)

2-ProMation ECC-600, Belt Conveyors


General Production

1-Aqueous Technologies, AQ-400L, Batch Cleaner, w/Dl closed loop system

1-Technical Devices, Wave Solder, 16" Pallet System (Leaded)

1-Technical Devices, Wave Solder, 10" Pallet System (Lead-free)

1-Sony, 80x Inspect Scope, w/f ram e grabber

1-Vision Engineering, Mantis, w/ 4x & 8x magnification

1-Vision Engineering, Mantis, Compact, w/8x magnification

3-Vision Engineering, Mantis, Elite, w/ 8x magnification

1-Vision Engineering, Lynx, w/5x to 28x magnification

1 8-Benchcraft, Workstations, 30 x 36

19-Workstation Industries, Workstations, 30 x 60

36-Production ESD Chairs

1-Hepco, 1500-1, Radial Lead Trimmer

1 -Hepco, 7000-LF3, IC Former

1-Hepco, 7400, IC Cutter

1 -APS, F-i, Axial Lead Former, Cutter

1-CAS, MW-11, Digital Scale, 2000 gm capacity

8-Edsyn, 952SX, Single Soldering Stations

11 -Edsyn, 952SX, Dual Soldering Stations

1-Edsyri, ZD500SX, Desoldering Station

1-Edsyri, 1036, Hot Air Station

1 -Hakko, FR-802, Digital Hot Air Station

1-Weller, WHP-300, Hot Plate

1-Weller, KDS834A, Dispenser

1-EFD, 1000XL, Dispenser

1 -Plato, Model 301, Solder Pot (Wire Tinning)

1-Big Jo, PDI-20, Fork Lift

1-Big J0, Pallet Jack

1-Flammable Cabinet

1 -Desco, Wriststrap/Footstrap monitor

1 -Desco 5# Tester

1-Ingersol-Rand, Air Compressor, SS3L, 150P51, 60 Gallon, 3 HP, 230V, Vertical

1 -Ingersol-Rand, Dryer, Dl 7ECA1 00, Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer, 11 5V, 1 0SCFM

1-Spray Booth, 22 x 17 x 20

1-1-Ton Arbor Press

1-2-Ton Arbor Press

2-Visual Boards, Stand-alone

20-Miscellaneous cable hand crimp tools

1-Central Machinery, 12-Speed, Bench Drill Press

1-Honeywell, HEPA Air Purifier

Test Room

1-Audio Precision, 515, Audio Analyzer

1-Furman, P-1800, Power Level Conditioner



1-Workstation Industries, Shipping Bench, 36 x 84

1 -Ulirie, H-963, Impulse Sealer, 16" wide

1 -Pelouze, 4040, Digital Scale, 400 lb capacity



3-18 x 26, mobile

2-18x28, Mobile

8-18x36, Mobile

4-24 x 36, Mobile

3-24 x 60, Mobile

1-24 x 24, Stationary

14-24 x 36, Stationary

10-24 x 48, Stationary

1-24x60, Stationary

3-24 x 48, Heavy Duty



1-Dell Server, PowerEdge 1 600SC Server (Shop and email)

1-Dell Server, PowerEdge 2600, SQL Server (Aegis & DBA)

1 -APS, Back-up Systems (for servers)

11-Dell Computers Workstations, Various Models

2-HP, 6600, All-in-One Printer

2-HP, 6810, All-in-One Printer

1-HP 4250ri, Laser Printer

1-Brother, HL-2040, Laser Printer

1-Brady, IP-300, Label Printer

1-Zebra, ZT220 Label Printer

Miscellaneous, Routers, Switches, cables, etc


Training Room

1 -Sharp, XR-1 OX-L, Projector wIwall mount screen

1-Sony Sound Bar wlSub-Woofer, HT-CT370

8-Training Tables, 18 x 60

16-Chairs, Hi-Back

2-Desks w/ chairs

1-4-Drawer Filing Cabinet

2-6-Shelf Bookshelves



6-Desks, miscellaneous sizes w/4 chairs

4-4-Drawer File Cabinets

1-2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet  1-4-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

4-3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

4-Hutch (over desks)

1 -Credenza w/Hutch

1 -Bookshelf/Printer Stand

Lunch Area

3-Lunch Tables, 36 x 36

14-Chairs, Cloth

1-LG, Refrigerator, 18 cu ft

2-Kenmore, Elite, Microwaves, 2.2 Cu. ft., 1200 watts

1-Charcoal CharGriller BBQ, 29', 580 sq. in.



Bill Petlock


Diversified  Air Systems Portable HEPA  Filter/Paint Booth 2 units available. The unit provides nominal 800 cfm and after passing though the multiple stage filtration system the filtered air is downdrafted and recirculated back into the plant.
Thermal Care Chiller

Model EQ2A0303 Min temp is 20F and Max is 65. 230 volt, 3 phase, 21.5 amps. Heat transfer fluid is water