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Buy and Sell used SMT Assembly Equipment and Electronic PCB Machinery


Used Equipment Details: Item #: Image:
Schleuniger PS 9500 Power Strip Package


Offered as a lot or individually. Package consists of a Schleuniger PS9500 wire stripper #707-2010

PF 4600 Prefeed406.00 #2401-2010

Center Strip CSU

Schleuniger CC4000 CoilerCC4000/418 #601-2003 with Foot Pedal

Anti Static Bin Boxes


Protektive-Pak Buried shielding layer bin boxes. Most are

2” x 18” x 4.5” high. Approx 250 per pallet.

Pallet Qty = 7 Price is $200 per Pallet, FOB Everett, WA
Diversified  Air Systems Portable HEPA  Filter/Paint Booth

2 units available. The unit provides nominal 800 cfm and after passing though the multiple stage filtration system the filtered air is downdrafted and recirculated back into the plant.
Thermal Care Chiller

Model EQ2A0303 Min temp is 20F and Max is 65. 230 volt, 3 phase, 21.5 amps. Heat transfer fluid is water
Eubanks 7400-01

Model 7400 Autostrip computer programmable wire stripper with Model 6815-05 pre-feed. Has several blade sets. New in 2014. Like new condition, was only used for a few months.The following blade sets are available:

14231.01 AWG 12, OD .110" Strip .089;  14231-01  OD .231, Strip .152
14231-01 AWG 16, ODE .078, Strip .059;  14216;  14217;  14860 and 14863 Flat Cable Blades.
Winton RD5 CNC Coaxial Cable Bender

This machine was purchased in 2012 for $95K with options and processed less than 1,000 before they sold off the product. The financial guy wants the equipment gone now


New England

Butt  Braiding Machines

24 and 36 Spindle Machines


The 36 spindle machine was built and delivered less than 2 years ago. It never braided a single cable harness.

The 24 spindle machine has been in use since the beginning of time and still works.

The owner of these machines no longer has a need for them.
Eubanks 2700 Wire Cut & Strip Machine

The 2700 is one of the most versatile Eubanks wire strippers. With standard equipment, the 2700 will accommodate wire sizes ranging from 26 to 12 AWG (.175" O.D.). This machine has lots of spare parts and can do large cables.