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PCB Cleaning

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Speedline Aquastorm 200 Washer New 2007, Windows Operating System; Quick connect plumbing fittings; Removable front and rear panels; PC Closed-loop conveyor speed; Torrid Zone drying system; Standard Vee Jet spray nozzles; Dual Hurricane Jet technology; Electro-Air knife drying; 30” adjustable incline conveyor; Password protection;     Auto standby photocell; Light tower; CE/UL Listed; 480v – 60 Hz – 3Phase; Condition: “As Is and  Operational
Technical Devices Galaxy Nu/Era In-Line Washer New 2000. We have all the schematics and books for it too.
Trek  Triton In-Line Cleaner

with Warranty

18" Usable Dual Belt; Pre-Wash Section with 1 upper and 1 lower spray bars supplied by 10hp heated wash pump; Blow-off Section with 1 upper and 1 lower airknife supplied by 1st 10hp dry blower; Heated Wash with 4 upper and 4 lower spray bars supplied by 10 hp heated wash pump; Final Rinse with 1 upper and 1 lower spray bar supplied by customer rinse water or di system; First dry with 2 top and 1 bottom airknives supplied by 10 hp turbine blower; Second dry 2 top and 2 bottom airknives supplied by 10 hp turbine blower Power: 480 volt / 100 amps / 3 phase

17' 5" L x 5' 5" Wide.

Westkleen Triton IV SMT In-Line Washer

It’s a Triton IV SMT, T4/397/09D/654/dw; 208 watts; 237 F.L amps; Ph. 3; 60 Htz

Speedline Aqua- Storm 90 in-line cleaner
In-line water only washer
Aqueous Technologies 600CL Batch Cleaner

Closed Loop Batch washer. New 10/04. S/N 7225. 208 volts, 1 phase.