SMT Pick & Place
General Specifications
Maximum Placement Rate   13,000 chp
Component Range   10005(0402)-26mm Square
Maximum Component Thickness   10.0mm
Minimum Lead Pitch   0.65mm
Lead Alignment   0.65mm
Number of Placemnet Spindles   3
Number of Heads   3
Placement Accuracy - chip   ±0.1mm
Placement Accuracy - QFP   ±0.08mm
Placement Force   Max 270 grams
30" Feeder Capacity   76 (8mm tape feeders)
Machine Dimensions  
Length   1650mm
Width   1540mm
Height   1408mm
Height (w/monitor)   1760mm
Height (w/tower lamp)   1945mm
Floor Space Requirements  
Length (w/7" reels and computer consloe)   1650mm
Width (w/7" reels and computer consloe)   1540mm
Power   4.6 kVA (max)
Power Input Line voltage   100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 230, 240, VAC
Power Input Line Fequency   50/60 Hz
Compressed Air Pressure   4-6 kg/cm2
Compressed Air Flow   100-150 NL/min
Operationa Temperature Range   50°-95° F (10°-35°C)
Relative Humidity   Less than RH 90%
Shipping Dimensions  
Shipping Weight   2490 lbs. (1130 kg)
Positioning System
X-Y Drive System   Brushless DC Servo Motor
X-Y Encoder Type   Rotary Encoder
X-Y Axis Resolution   0.0002" (0.005mm)
X-Y Axis Repeatability   0.0007" (0.02mm)
X-Y Axis Accuracy   0.002" (0.05mm)
X-Y Axis Max. Valocity   53 in/sec (1.35 m/sec)
X Axis Acceleration   71.768 ft/s/s (21.875 m/s2)
Y Axis Acceleration   63.051 ft/s/s (19.218 m/s2)
Z Drive System   Brushless DC Servo Motor
Z Encoder Type   Rotary Encoder
Z Axis Resolution   0.0003" (0.01mm)
Z Axis Max. Valocity   118 in/sec (3000mm/sec)
Theta Drive System   0.01°
Theta Axis Resolution   ±0.05°
Standard Number of Nozzles   6
Standard # of Nozzles changers   1
Board Handling
Maximum (LxW)   18" x 16" (450mm x 400mm)
Minimum (LxW)   2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm)
Maximum Thickness   0.15" (4.0mm) (including warpage)
Minimum Thickness   0.015" (0.38mm)
Conveyor Height   37.4" ± 0.59" SMEMA (950mm ± 15mm JEDEC)
Board FLow Direction   L –› R (std), R –› L (option)
Registration Type   Hole, Edge, Back Pusher
Edge Clearance   0.079" (2mm)
Underside Board Clearance   0.709" (18mm)
Topside Board Clearance   0.571" (14.5mm)
Underside Board Support   Magnetic back up pins
Transport Speed   0-21mm/min
Board Width Adjustment   Manual (std)
Used PBC electronic assembly machinery, Developed and Maintained by Petlock Inc. Est. 1978