SMT Pick & Place
Forced Convection Surface Mount Reflow System
8 heating zone forced convection reflow system with 4 haters above and below the conveyor.
Extra High Volume® heating modules with maximum safe velocity gas flow for the ultimate in rapid and uniform heat transfer.
Produces optimized temperature profiles.
Fast reaction heating modules with 1/10 second response time to load variations.
Totally useable 18" (45cm) belt width.
Heated tunnel length 43.5" (111cm).
Cross belt temperature variation <+/- 3°C
Total computer control with 3 thermocouple profiling.
Counterbalance oven top for easy, swift access to the conveyor.
Data acquisition for statistical process control and documentation.
Eliminate common soldering problems.
Easy to profile and service.
Customization available for specialized application.
Conveyor width - 18" (45cm)
Heated length - 43.5" (111cm)
Overall length - 96" (244cm)
Height - 50" (127cm)
Number of heating zones - 8 (4 top and 4 bottom)
Number of cooling zones - 1
Net weight - 9000lbs (409kg)
Shipping weight - 1000lbs (545kg)
Warm up time - <15 Minutes
Average time to change profile - 5 minutes
Power input - 208 or 240v 50Hz or 60Hz 3ph, 380v, 415v, 480 available
Max current on startup - 75a @ 208v
Running current 15a @ 208v
Edge hold conveyor-power width adjust - EHC-88
Nitrogen inerting <25PPM-IA-88
Autostart software - AS-1
Signal back up - SLT-9
Battery back up - BBU-9D
Computer paltform - CSA-9
Independant alarm scanner - IAS-88
Right to left operation - RTL-88
Extra top cooling fan - TCF-9
KIC profiler installed - KIC-9
Host computer interface
Used PBC electronic assembly machinery, Developed and Maintained by Petlock Inc. Est. 1978